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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

End semester examinations at the door steps

HI to all you people out there over the internet who stopped to view this blog and also those who are subscribed to my feeds.

Friends, it's study time now. My examinations are over head starting within a week. I can't afford to spend time on blogging right now. There are lots of work to do, many chapters to cover and also my final year B-Tech project. I have to finish that too.

It's just 2 1/2 weeks break and I'll be here again sharing lots of useful things.

So, friends stay tuned and wish me good luck. :-)

I need it.

Thanks to all who subscribed to my feeds and special thanks to those who spent their precious time to post comments on my blog.

Happy Blogging.
See you soon.



Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gmail New Version- new and improved look and feel

Today as the clock tick past 12 midnight, my Gmail automatically got updated to newer version which has few AJAX features incorporated.

Only changes I could see in this version is the Contacts page. Adding new contact information or editing existent contact information has become lot more easier. Above snapshot shows exactly that.

We can also change our contacts' pictures according to our liking which was missing in earlier version. Have a look at it below.
Above all, another option to switch back to previous version is also provided.

I don't find any other special feature in it. It's still a beta version.
Did you notice similar Gmail up gradation?
If yes, did you find any other useful feature besides what I have mentioned here?
Do share that with us.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Download- Qliner Hotkeys 2.0

At last I found a great tool by which I can easily assign the shortcut keys to any type of windows based applications.

Qliner Hotkeys brings powerful new features, greater extensibility and better looks. There are three new keyboard layouts for popular laptops: IBM, Sony and Toshiba. Hotkeys now ships with a keyboard symbols font, with the symbols you typically find on tab, enter, backspace and shift keys, for better rendering. The default keyboard fonts have been tuned to provided better quality of rendering and better readability at low resolution displays.

Main features:

* Smart application starting
* Smart application switching
* Smart document, folder, web site and mail contact opener
* On screen keyboard

On screen keyboard:

* Pops up after holding Caps Lock or Windows key for several seconds
* Goes away when key is released
* Use to drag & drop configure hotkeys
* Use to quickly look up key combinations
* Supports 100+ international keyboards

Download now ->

Image source:- qliner.com