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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Download- Qliner Hotkeys 2.0

At last I found a great tool by which I can easily assign the shortcut keys to any type of windows based applications.

Qliner Hotkeys brings powerful new features, greater extensibility and better looks. There are three new keyboard layouts for popular laptops: IBM, Sony and Toshiba. Hotkeys now ships with a keyboard symbols font, with the symbols you typically find on tab, enter, backspace and shift keys, for better rendering. The default keyboard fonts have been tuned to provided better quality of rendering and better readability at low resolution displays.

Main features:

* Smart application starting
* Smart application switching
* Smart document, folder, web site and mail contact opener
* On screen keyboard

On screen keyboard:

* Pops up after holding Caps Lock or Windows key for several seconds
* Goes away when key is released
* Use to drag & drop configure hotkeys
* Use to quickly look up key combinations
* Supports 100+ international keyboards

Download now ->

Image source:- qliner.com

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