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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HIS versus HER Blog and Tips on Gaining Page Views

No one wants his or her blog to stay in isolation from rest of the world or at least from other bloggers. This post will mainly concentrate on the issue relating who can achieve more success in blogging universe, a MAN's blog or a WOMAN's blog. Also, I will try to write few important and basic tips necessary for efficient blogging. Although I am too young to this blogging universe to write my own tips still I'll concentrate on my own personal experiences so far in this great blogging arena, to produce something conducive.


1.) HIS versus HER Blog

It is scientifically proven that the attraction towards a woman, the most beautiful creature crafted by GOD, is limited not only due to external beauty. It has got something more to think, something deep to analyze. Why man always attract towards a woman? Of course, we all get attracted towards opposite genders but intensity is more in case of a man. The reason why a man does so is beyond our imagination. Let’s believe for time being that GOD had something to do with this that’s why he created us this way.

Now the point is, does the above mentioned theory applies here in blogging universe as well?

It can be hotly debated. But my perspective is somewhat like this:-

A man can be more successful at work. Simple reason is that men on average have a stronger drive to systemize. Systemizing involves identifying the laws that govern how a system works. Once you know the laws, you can control the system or predict its behavior.

This is the area where women are lacking. (NO HARD FEELINGS FOR ANY WOMAN OUT HERE. JUST CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG.)

The same theory applies to blogging as well. A man’s blog are more popular and worth visiting than a woman’s blog.

Mind you, that does not mean that woman cannot compete at this level. A woman’s blog can attract enormous amount of visitors.


Because it is a WOMAN’s blog. J
Yes, the blog content can be a factor but a female author profile along with her cool picture can add more to her blog’s unique visitor’s number. Isn’t it?


If you are a man-> Next time you plan to start your own blog, disguise yourself as a woman. A Man’s Brain along with a Female Author profile can act wonders for you.


If you are a woman-> Try to be a thinking man's crumpet which refers to a woman who is intelligent and good looking.

Hope I have given you a Head Start-a motivation or an advantage gained at early stage.

2.) Few Tips on Gaining Page Views

Increase the traffic with BlogRush. Just add its widget to your blog and start earning. See the right sidebar, I have already added it.

You can find it here: BlogRush

The site often encounters some problem. Just refresh the page each time to get any error in opening the page.

Reference has been taken from Madhur’s Blog.

Before getting started on linking your blog posts or creating a new post series, consider the following tips:-

1. Own Domain: Your domain should be small (10-12 characters are enough) one and easy-to-remember.

2. Good Host: If you have a self-hosted blog, then host it on a reliable host.

3. Nice Theme: You should have a nice, clear and simple template. Don’t make it full of images, because that will increase the loading time of your blog. Remember, your theme gives the first impression of your blog.

4. Feed Button: Place the feed link/icon in the first fold of your blog.

5. Comment on other blogs: This is important! Or you, yourself, won’t get any comments on your blog. So, this is a must.

6. Reply to comments: It’s good to respond all the comments given on your posts. Your blog looks more active this way.

7. Participate in discussions: Participate in discussions on other blogs. Participation doesn’t mean you start spamming.

8. Join Link Directories: Join as many link directories as you can. It gets you link backs, and link backs help you get a higher PageRank.

I have written this post as per my experiences so far.

Any where in the article if you feel like correcting me, Please feel free to tell me your suggestions.

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