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Monday, September 17, 2007

Reasons why India needs a leader like Ganguly to succeed Dravid

Rahul Dravid will be known as one of best cricketers India has ever produced but not as India’s best captain. Although he left the job with great dignity, still I personally feel their was a bit of selfishness involved in this decision. I think he wants to be a legend like Tendulkar or Lara include Ponting also. Throughout his career, he always has been overshadowed by heroics of someone great like Tendulkar or Ganguly, lately Laxman as well. Now, he feels its time to make his own image and also protect his existing one, “THE WALL”. The previous tours of South Africa and England noticed a collapse of The Great Wall Of India. If this had been continued for over a year or so, Rahul Dravid might have lost his identity, forget about building new one.

Dravid is the kind of person who puts his heart and soul into any job he tackles. When you do that, especially in a country where a billion people all think they can do the job better or at least as well, it can wear you down mentally.


First thing is sure, India need a captain like of Sourav Ganguly stature. A person who can tackle and even effectively respond to all the inside game of the Indian Cricket.

Refering to this post Board games and bucks – Rahul Dravid out!

by Parayil A. Tharakan.

He should be an aggressive and bold enough to support and fight for his men whom he thinks can deliver at the time when needed. Who has the courage to knock out the opposition not only by his game play but also his off field interactions with opposition players. That’s where mental game starts. This strategy is opted by most to wear down the opposition players mentally before the start of the actual play.

To all these requirements, Ganguly is the best person to take the responsibility. But its time to look forward to fill the boots of the great TRIO Sachin, Sourav n Dravid. The future of Indian cricket does not allow to go back to Ganguly. Instead, find someone who can serve for longer years. Infact this is the best time to start grooming a young captain when the great TRIO is there to help and support him.

He can be Dhoni or Yuvraj, who knows?

All I know is that if india wants to fill up the huge gap the TRIO will leave behind them, it’s the high time India should start preparing for that.

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