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Monday, October 29, 2007

Mac OS X Leopard- Apple's new and improved Operating System

Apple launched its new operating system LEOPARD in San Francisco on Oct 26,2007. It wasn't exactly iPhone Day, but hundreds of people lined up on Stockton Street on Friday outside the San Francisco Apple store to get their hands on Mac OS X Leopard.

Apple claims Leopard as the most impressive Mac OS X version yet, with 300+ new features.

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After knowing all its features, you will agree with me when I say that Mac OS X Leopard is one
of the most significant operating system achievements we have witnessed in years. Not only does it add functionality that Microsoft could only have dreamed of, it does so in a snappy environment that doesn't annoy you with pop-ups asking for permission or all of those security threats we have come to know (and hate) in Windows.

I think sooner or later Microsoft's Vista will bow to Apple's Leopard both in terms of functionality and market share.

I personally feel that Windows Vista is a blunder. It has many unaddressed major issues and seems to be a total faulty operating system. Even the CEOs of most of the major computer manufacture companies shown disappointment over Windows Vista and favored XP.

The day is not far when yet another excellent Apple product will rule all computers worldwide.

This was just my perspective regarding Vista and Leopard. I am sure you must have few different words to say.
Do share that with us.

Image Source: Apple, CNet

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