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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Research Paper Publication issue haunting me

Its been almost a week now. I don't get time to sleep, don't get time to proceed with my B-tech final year project, don't get time to play PC games (esp. PES) and most importantly don't get time to wander in the blogosphere.

Really, working on research paper publication is a hard nut to crack. One hardly gets any spare time. It's all work day and night. Specially when the submission date is at the door steps as in my case. I have to finish my research paper and submit it before 15th of this month. Yes, that's on Monday. Only, 2 days more.
Sometimes it seems to be very weird. I mean being a Technologist, I chose Economy to do research work. Hope, it pays off. Otherwise I'll be in tremendous loss.

Let's see how far I manage to go. Friends, please wish me luck.

I desperately need it.

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